23 Sep 13

AVC halts cocaine experiments on primates in Belgium!

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Recently, the Anti-Vivisection Coalition (AVC) has continuously been present at the ceremony marking the opening of the academic year at the University of Leuven, Belgium, protesting against their experiments on primates. Our campaign is now yielding results.

AVC Chairman Danny Flies comments:

"This is the first year we will not be protesting at the opening of the academic year. The newly elected head of the university, Rik Torfs, has shown interest in our campaign and immediately invited us for a meeting. Talks were very constructive and open. Torfs gave immediate assurances that cocaine experiments on primates were no longer going to be tolerated." (1)

"In order to ensure the upcoming talks can be held in an equally respectful and constructive manner, we are cancelling our planned protest and suspending further campaigning".

AVC expects the University of Leuven to place all internal requests for new primate experiments on hold, to stop buying new monkeys and to not euthanise primates currently held, but rehome them with the AAP Foundation animal sanctuary. More over, AVC offer to enter into partnership with the University of Leuven and provide the expertise of scientists who specialise in non-animal brain research.

AVC Chairman Danny Flies continues:

"Torfs was clearly willing to listen to our call and to the 72% of the Belgian population that have declared their opposition to all experiments on primates. (2) At the moment, 37 primates are still stuck at the University of Leuven, monkeys who were until recently used in fruitless cocaine experiments. AVC has more than enough experience in re-housing primates who have been used in testing. Hitherto, we have managed to save 85 monkeys from European laboratories!"

(1) http://stopdierproeven.org/adc/cocaine-experimenten-kul
(2) http://stopdierproeven.org/adc/enquete